Yarn Dyed 
100% Rayon Herringbone
Indigo Fabric
Solid & Printed 
Cotton Texture & Leno
Cotton & C/Rayon
Gauze (Solid & Printed)
Rayon / Nylon / Polyester Fabrics
Satin & Chiffon
100% Rayon
Emb. & Quilting
Lace (Ctn/Nylon/Poly/R)
Polyester Printed Fabrics
Nylon/Polyester Bedfor Cord

Nanchang Sonic Textiles Import and Export Co.,Ltd.
speclalizes in the international textiles trade, We have good experience in manufacturing and exporting in textiles, With the development of our business, We have established Long-term business relationship with the customers from the world suchas USA,India,Indonesia,b/Desj,VietNam, Dubai and HongKong etc,And at present we have gotten great sueeess in textiles line, Our mainly exported products include various cotton YD fabrics, cotton/polyester YD fabric, Cotton/Polyester spandex fabric, cotton leno, cotton/spandex texture fabrics, cotton flannel, CVC burnout solid & printed fabries, EMB, fabrics, polyester chiffon, polyester sateen etc

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